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Hydraulic Resistors

Made from virtually indestructible PEEK plastic these unique resistors are reliable, convenient and designed specifically for Dentsleeve pumps. Standard and compact versions are available. For more information see PDF.

Water Perfusate Filtration

C02 Flush

This option is particularly useful with our very small diameter recording channel micro-manometry applications in which the removal of air bubbles is critical. Carbon dioxide is flushed through the system to quickly remove all bubbles for an artefact free study.

Perfused Gas Manometry

Pressure Transducer Calibrator

Air Compressor

This optional accessory removes the need for the use of an air tank with high pressure gauge. Available in two models designed to work with the MkII and MkIII pumps, the air compressor either fits on the recording cart tucked away out of sight (MkIII) or sits under the pump (MkII). For more information see PDF.

Air Compressor

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