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The unique Sleeve sensor offers two primary clinical advantages. First, it enables a "Park & Record" approach that is easier on you and on your patient. Second, with Sleeve catheters it is possible to compare events in the oesophageal body with sphincter activity - making diagnosis considerably easier.

The Sleeve sensor is the only truly effective method for evaluating sphincter function. By spanning the length of the sphincter, the sleeve sensor is able to maintain contact to reliably sense the maximal pressure at rest and swallowing - something that is impossible with solid state sensors and sidehole catheters. Sleeve catheters typically include six oesophageal body side-hole sensors, one gastric sensor, a core channel for infusion or guide-wire plus the unique Sleeve sensor.


Benefits and Features of All Dentsleeve Catheters

  • See our Sleeve catheter FAQ brochure on our website:
  • Reduced diameter for oesophageal manometry in adults.
  • Smaller diameters suited to children.
  • Flexible silicone rubber enhances patient tolerance.
  • Autoclavability, a unique feature.
  • No risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Catheters kept in sealed pouches between use.
  • A dry, sterile catheter each time.
  • Our designs are backed by complete technical insight.
  • Durable silicone rubber does not degrade with use.
  • Enhanced patient tolerance - enhanced recordings.
  • Every catheter is performance and quality tested.
  • CE marked and FDA cleared.
  • Available in most countries.

    Adult Catheter Specification

    Spec E114
    Outer Diameter - 4mm
    Internal Diameter Pressure Lumen Channels - 0.67mm
    Internal Diameter Core Lumen Channel - 1.39mm

    Spec E1 Outer Diameter - 4.7mm
    Internal Diameter Pressure Lumen Channels - 0.74mm
    Internal Diameter Core Lumen Channel - 1.55mm

    Adult and Child Catheter Specification

    Spec E27 Outer Diameter - 3.5mm
    Internal Diameter Pressure Lumen Channels - 0.65mm
    Internal Diameter Large Lumen Channel - 0.9mm

    Adult and Child Catheter Specification

    Spec E3
    Outer Diameter - 2.5mm
    Internal Diameter Pressure Lumen Channels - 0.6mm

    All catheters - Total length 170-180cm, working length 120-130cm
    Recommended flow/perfusion rate - 0.45ml/min-0.60ml/min

    We recommend our pumps because of their unique benefits which include compactness, ease of infection control, versatility and trouble-free air perfusion for swallow monitoring.