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April 2003

American Digestive Disease Week, Orlando, Florida – May 2003

Yes, we will be there at Booth #1109. We look forward to renewing old acquaintances and meeting newer customers face to face for the first time. Please come by. You might even score a small piece of Australiana.

Dentsleeve Website now provides downloadable Educational Materials

Managing a large website is a bit like keeping the Sydney Harbour Bridge painted. (Incidentally if you are visiting Sydney, you must do the Bridge Climb. It’s a bit expensive, but a unique experience. It gets very busy, so you should book well in advance. For details, visit their website:

Back to the more earthbound topic of the Dentsleeve website. We have continued to enhance this at its front end especially, to lead visitors more easily through our diverse products.

The website now offers an extensive Powerpoint educational programme on perfused manometry that you can download. Just log on, and this option will present itself.

Combined Impedance/Perfused Manometric Catheter

At the time of the 2002 DDW, we had only just developed a viable process for making catheters with multiple perfused sideholes and impedance recording segments. Subsequently we have worked out ways of combining impedance electrodes with sleeve/sidehole catheters.

Such catheters are difficult to make. When an order for one reaches our catheter making clean room, groans are heard frequently! Despite this, the catheters that we have built have proved to be more durable than we had hoped. As a result, several investigators have been beavering away with our catheters which make a substantial contribution to the 28 original research papers that will present data on combined impedance monitoring and manometry at the DDW this year.

Dentsleeve is Growing and Evolving!

We continue to experience rapid growth in demand for our products. Thank you! Much effort is being put into development of our manufacturing capacity through expansion of our staff and in staff training. Wayne Drewett took up the position of Production Manager in February 2003, bringing with him extensive experience of pharmaceutical manufacturing. He is making an invaluable contribution to our ability to supply our customers. Our new information system is installed and goes live early in April.

We are confident that this will greatly improve management of manufacturing and other essential functions. Please bear with us as we iron out any teething problems.

Sea, But Not Primarily Fishy Stories

Santa came and went in a flash. The Christmas holidays brought a good crop of snapper, but nothing of a sensational size. Some of us chartered a good size yacht for a few days and sailed around beautiful seas and islands west of Adelaide, close to Port Lincoln. The fish heard we were coming and went elsewhere. We visited and swam with a sea lion colony that welcomed us exuberantly and enjoyed listening to one of us singing to them. Abalone was gathered in large amounts by our two divers and enjoyed by everyone.

With best wishes.

Kea Dent
General Manager